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10 life lessons I learnt till today

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  1. Finish the pending work as soon as you can as much as you can.
  2. Do one task at a time slowly and steady.
  3. Perfection does matter a lot in whatever work we do.
  4. Take care of yourself. Relax. Meditate. Take time for yourself. Have skincare and hair care routine.
  5. Own as less physical stuff as you can to have stress free life.
  6. To make a living, do a job which ignites your passion. Do not do a job just because everyone is doing it for a lot of money or because someone is forcing do to it. You won’t be happy eventually.
  7. When a situation is bad, its human nature to cry and be angry. But come out of it quickly, and take advantage of the situation by finding the right opportunities.
  8. Talk less with everyone and talk more to yourself.
  9. Organize life. Make a routine.
  10. Try to read or learn a new thing. We do not know when it will be useful.

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