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How to fake a clean house

  1. Hide your clutter (such as keys, purse) in pretty, same colored baskets or in drawers.
  2. Have empty clean surfaces.
  3. Clear floors by hanging or attaching securely to the wall.
  4. Arrange flowers and plants (but not too many).
  5. Have scented candles or diffusers with essential oils on.
  6. Store away seasonal items in translucent baskets and stack them after properly labeling.
  7. Throw away broken stuff and sell good unused stuff.
  8. If there is an assorted pile that cannot be stored in baskets or boxes, cover them up with a pretty cloth.
  9. Have place for every single item at home and keep it back after use.
  10. Have light colored furniture and curtains.

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10 life lessons I learnt till today

  1. Finish the pending work as soon as you can as much as you can.
  2. Do one task at a time slowly and steady.
  3. Perfection does matter a lot in whatever work we do.
  4. Take care of yourself. Relax. Meditate. Take time for yourself. Have skincare and hair care routine.
  5. Own as less physical stuff as you can to have stress free life.
  6. To make a living, do a job which ignites your passion. Do not do a job just because everyone is doing it for a lot of money or because someone is forcing do to it. You won’t be happy eventually.
  7. When a situation is bad, its human nature to cry and be angry. But come out of it quickly, and take advantage of the situation by finding the right opportunities.
  8. Talk less with everyone and talk more to yourself.
  9. Organize life. Make a routine.
  10. Try to read or learn a new thing. We do not know when it will be useful.

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How to smell good all day

Some people smell good all day every day every minute even in hottest summers. They even leave a trail of fragrance. Few ideas are shared here to smell good all day.

  1. Bathing daily with either scented soap or lotion.
  2. Spraying body spray fragrance mist which suits your body or suits your job culture.
  3. Remove arm pit hair regularly. Scrub with lemon sprinkled with sugar in the armpits and apply Clay mask for example using Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay regularly (seriously). This will detoxify and remove any sweaty odors lingering in the arm pits.
  4. Researchers strongly disagree using anti-perspirants as they are linked to breast cancer. Instead use DIY Deodarant – chemical free, natural and lightens dark underarms which will slowly and eventually removes toxins from body and will not sweat with a bad smell.
  5. While doing laundry, wash your clothes in essential oils with either eucalyptus or flower based essential oils. This will leave your clothes smell very good.
  6. Using hair oil Anti Frizz / Smooth/ Shiny/ Healthy / Thick Fragrant Hair Serum which is fragrant.
  7. Some cultures use sambrani (benzoin resin) which smells good. They create smoke using charcoal and let the hair, skin and clothes stay in the smoke for a while. They do this ritual especially for new born babies as they believe that it will also remove negative energies.
  8. Using fragrant diluted essential oils in either body lotion or hand cream and applying regularly or as and when needed.
  9. Spraying perfume in the closet so that clothes can absorb the good smell and leave a beautiful smell trail.

Hope all these ideas are useful. If you have more tips, please feel free to leave in the comments below.

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Organizing tip – Basket when having flu / runny nose

We all must have suffered with flu or runny nose at some point in our life. During the sickness, we tend to use lot of soft tissue to blow nose and leave them on coffee table or sofa or bed or bed side table as we are either too sick or too weak to get up and discard properly. And, if there are more persons or kids suffering, there is even a bigger mess of used soft tissues lying around. First of all its very unhygienic to let the virus sit and spread. Second, its a lot of work to clean the mess after.

Here, I share an organizing tip to create an organizer basket which will help you during the process.

The basket consists of

  1. soft tissue box
  2. Used formula box (with the yellow cap) as trash box lined with a grocery plastic bag
  3. hand sanitizer
  4. hand lotion
  5. more plastic bags

IMG_4308 (1) copy

As soon as we have used a soft tissue to blow nose, we can put that in the trash box (in my case, reused empty formula box lined with plastic grocery bag). Then quickly sanitize our hands with sanitizer to kill the germs on our hands, and apply lotion as sanitizer tends to dry our hands quickly. The basket is portable hence, can be carried to places wherever we go.

We can either add or delete some items in the box. You may want to include some essential oils or vicks vaporub or anything which you find relevant or useful during the suffering / recovering phase.

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Anti Frizz / Smooth/ Shiny/ Healthy / Thick Fragrant Hair Serum

Jojoba oil
Castor oil
Avocado oil
Coconut oil
Argan oil
Vitamin E oil
Fragrant essential oil of your choice such as Jasmine, Rose, Lavender – only 1 or 2 drops so that it is not over powering smell that gives you headache

Add oils in equal ratios. Shake to mix well.
Leave out any oils depending on your availability / choice.
Store this serum in amber bottle in dark dry place.

When and how to use:

Immediately after shower in wet hair
Dry hair while combing

Massage ends of hair with this oil


Smooth shiny healthy thick hair

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Foundation powder

Corn starch or arrow root powder
Cinnamon or cocoa powder
Zinc oxide – for sunscreen protection

Mix cornstarch or arrow root powder with either cinnamon or cocoa powder to match your skin tone. Sometimes, cinnamon and cocoa powder has to be added to get the right color tone. Apply with a powder brush after tapping excess off gently.

Zinc oxide is optional.

This powder prevents excess oil. It eventually fades out acne scars on face and prevents acne breakout. The presence of cinnamon brings a healthy glow on the face.

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Deodarant – chemical free, natural and lightens dark underarms

4 tbsp Coconut Oil
4 tbsp Shea Butter
1 tsp Baking Soda
3 tbsp Arrowroot powder
3 tbsp Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay
1-2 tsp Bees / Soya Wax
15 drops of your favorite essential oil (optional)

Take boiling water and place a glass bowl in it. Add shea butter, coconut oil and wax till they melt.
Add baking soda, arrowroot powder, healing clay, essential oil and mix thoroughly.
Pour it into an old deodorant roll and let it solidify.

Its chemical free, natural deodarant.
It lightens dark underarms.
Research studies have shown that antiperspirants available in markets may cause cancer especially breast cancer. Hence, avoiding to buy antiperspirants will keep you healthy and prevents you from having to go to hospital.

Indian healing clay is an amazing clay. There will be a separate post on the amazing multiple uses of the healing clay.

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Saving a loooot of money by making your own products

Do you want to save money? YES
Do you want to live healthy? YES

Have you read that harmful chemicals are present everywhere, in your toothpaste, face lotion/moisturizer, face lotion, lip gloss, lipstick, soaps, shampoos, conditioners etc.,?

Studies have shown  that regular use of all the harmful chemicals can lead to serious health issues. Cancer is the most prevailing deadly disease, be it breast cancer, ovarian cancer or blood cancer. You are also wasting your money on buying all the  harmful chemicals to get extremely sick and again paying money for the hospitals.

How to avoid chemicals? Here, I will provide all natural, chemical free, money saving DIY products, which saves you a toooon of money and be healthy.

Don’t think that you are wasting your time to make these products. They are relatively simple to make and you are saving your time by not going to the store, searching for the product, standing in line to buy that product and coming back.

All these DIY’s were tested by many persons including me and have worked wonders.

So, why waste anymore of your money on harmful chemical ingredients when you can prepare your own according to your preference and style. You find DIY recipes in my blog.

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Baking soda

Peppermint extract

Activated charcoal powder (optional)
Mix coconut oil with baking soda till it forms a smooth paste like tooth paste consistency. Add peppermint according to your taste.

Adding activated charcoal powder makes brushing teeth and sink a little messy. You can avoid making a mess after practice and charcoal whitens teeth and removes bad odor of mouth.