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Good and honest persons suffer more in life

Have you felt or heard before that “Good and honest people suffer more in life” ? If yes, do you think that it is true.

To suffer in life, to face challenges, to have misery in life, is very good. This means that you are burning or clearing away all negative energy or bad karma faster than other times in your life. You learn a lot in this process which makes you more wise. God has taken special time and effort to give you these challenges, to bring you out successfully, after you have removed the negative karma. Till then, be patient, work hard, find solutions to come out of the sufferings in a good way. Once you have gone through sufferings, its your duty now to build up positive karma by doing good deeds, which includes not hurting others, helping poor and needy, respecting parents or elders and so on.

You are the dearest child of God. He is looking at you. If you think that you are suffering and unable to bear the pain, let Him know. He will give His hand to come out of any problem in your life. He is with you by your side, always. He is seeing you crawling but waiting for you patiently to make the first steps in life,  just like a mother who is waiting eagerly for her child to take that first steps, even after repeated fallings and failures.

So, why fee sad? Put up a big smile and face that challenge, saying loudly, I AM BURNING AWAY ALL MY NEGATIVE KARMA. I CAN DO IT. I HAVE GOD BY MY SIDE. NOTHING CAN STOP ME. GET…SET…GOOOOOOOOO (Don’t look back)….


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The more you have gratitude, the more quickly your wishes manifest

Have you ever sat down to count all the blessings you have in your life? Have you ever written down and realized how lucky you are? Have you been only blaming the bad things happening or happened in your life but never thought of all the good things? Now here is what I suggest


I would write this today in my journal

I am happy that I have a roof over my head.
I am happy that I am healthy.
I am happy that I am able to eat healthy.
I am happy that I can sit in my patio to breathe fresh air and listen to the birds chirping and write this.
(My neighbor suddenly thought of smoking cigarette as I write down this. I am now debating whether to continue here or go inside and continue.)
I am happy that I have a very loving, caring, supportive partner.

I can go on and on to write down what I am grateful and thankful for.

Benefits of writing a gratitude journal.

You will instantly feel happy and realize that you are indeed a very lucky person.
You will feel more humble to be surrounded with your gifts from Universe and stop complaining.
And the best, the more you send your gratitude to the Universe, the more quickly your rest of wishes manifest.
Do you not believe the above sentence? Start writing down and let me know all the good things suddenly happening to you.

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To remove obstacles in life


Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

(Om and Salutations to Ganapati / Ganesha)


Chanting 108 times for 40 days either morning or evening after taking a bath.
Can be chanted either loud or internally

Chant this mantra (best 108 times) before you start anything and Lord Ganesha will take care that you will never face any obstacles with what you desire. But chant with faith.


Removes internal and external obstacles in life and grants the opening of spiritual and physical gifts
bringing a new job
bringing prosperity and abundance
bless with kid who have been trying to conceive for a long time
to overcome all the obstacles for buying own home
who are on a spiritual path will never face obstacles to continue the path