solutions for all problems


I have a Doctorate in Sciences, yet, I proudly admit that I do believe very strongly in the Higher Supreme. I am always in search of ways to tap to that Source. Also, I faced many obstacles and sufferings in my life and still facing as everyone does. I have spent hours, days, months and years finding out divine solutions for day to day problems. Me being already a researcher, the task seemed easy and finding solutions of every problem in life became my thesis in the subject of Life. I have gathered a lot of information from which I practiced and gained a lot and I created this blog to help everyone who are facing problems in life. Its a small and humble attempt to help my fellow human beings to come out of their sufferings. I wish and hope that you could benefit from this blog by following the rituals which are mentioned. May God Bless You All.

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  1. TY. Pls tell me if any coin, any denomination ok? Shd the no be touching the kolam?
    Best regs,


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