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How to fake a clean house

  1. Hide your clutter (such as keys, purse) in pretty, same colored baskets or in drawers.
  2. Have empty clean surfaces.
  3. Clear floors by hanging or attaching securely to the wall.
  4. Arrange flowers and plants (but not too many).
  5. Have scented candles or diffusers with essential oils on.
  6. Store away seasonal items in translucent baskets and stack them after properly labeling.
  7. Throw away broken stuff and sell good unused stuff.
  8. If there is an assorted pile that cannot be stored in baskets or boxes, cover them up with a pretty cloth.
  9. Have place for every single item at home and keep it back after use.
  10. Have light colored furniture and curtains.

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Organizing tip – Basket when having flu / runny nose

We all must have suffered with flu or runny nose at some point in our life. During the sickness, we tend to use lot of soft tissue to blow nose and leave them on coffee table or sofa or bed or bed side table as we are either too sick or too weak to get up and discard properly. And, if there are more persons or kids suffering, there is even a bigger mess of used soft tissues lying around. First of all its very unhygienic to let the virus sit and spread. Second, its a lot of work to clean the mess after.

Here, I share an organizing tip to create an organizer basket which will help you during the process.

The basket consists of

  1. soft tissue box
  2. Used formula box (with the yellow cap) as trash box lined with a grocery plastic bag
  3. hand sanitizer
  4. hand lotion
  5. more plastic bags

IMG_4308 (1) copy

As soon as we have used a soft tissue to blow nose, we can put that in the trash box (in my case, reused empty formula box lined with plastic grocery bag). Then quickly sanitize our hands with sanitizer to kill the germs on our hands, and apply lotion as sanitizer tends to dry our hands quickly. The basket is portable hence, can be carried to places wherever we go.

We can either add or delete some items in the box. You may want to include some essential oils or vicks vaporub or anything which you find relevant or useful during the suffering / recovering phase.