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Burning negative / bad karma

Karma is, as everyone knows, is the sum of actions in this or previous birth. Karma determines the fate or destiny of a person. Negative karma brings bad fate whereas positive karma brings good luck / good fate. When a person is facing extreme adversities in life or think is suffering from bad luck or any other difficulties in life like being unemployed, unhealthy, difficult to conceive, burn your bad karma first. Good news is that the more you suffer from difficulties, the faster your bad karma is burning. But, how to burn bad karma even faster to have a peaceful life?

1. Feed birds, ants, dogs every single day.
2. Donate food which is cooked by your own hands to the poor and needy, at least once in a month.
3. Pray and meditate at least an hour every day.
4. Donate money every month to the needy.
6. Before eating, pray to God and thank Him for the food you can eat to keep you healthy, be fit and active and ask Him to bless every living being on the earth with food.
7. Try to bring a smile on a person every day.
8. Invite friends and family for a get together and serve food every month. An unexpected guest during lunch or dinner time is God sent to burn your karma. Hence, feed them wholeheartedly.
9. Chanting “Thiru Neela Kantam” 108 times for 40 days helps burning the karma.
10. Forgive yourself, forgive everyone. The longer you keep that anger in yourself, the harder the karma to burn.
11. India has holy Ganges and several other holy waters available. Dipping in them especially on auspicious days is believed to burn all the karma.
12. Offer a seat to an old lady.
13. Help an old lady to cross the road.
14. Go on a pilgrimage if you have time and energy. Remember, if you take one step towards God, He will make 100 steps to approach you. And if you go on a pilgrimage with Him in your thoughts, God will love to be with you always, helping and guiding and showering you with either worldly or spiritual gifts or whatever you need.
15. If possible, write a holy book or start with a small scripture. Also, write 108 times the Lords name.
16. If you have any art or interest, draw a picture of the God or paint or make even a statue of Him.
17. You can even sponsor a publication of an holy book.
18. Chant “Om Mani Padme Hum”, a Buddhist mantra, a very powerful mantra which I will dedicate another post explaining the significance of the mantra.
19. Spend time and care orphans and elderly people.
20. Pray everyday for a stranger whom you never met and ask the Lord to bless him / her with all the happiness of the life.

As you can notice every positive act you perform intentionally or unintentionally in your life burns bad karma faster. If you are suffering, be happy and smile that your karma is burning, and soon you will be out of this. But do remember, do not bring new bad karma by displaying anger, hatred, jealousy, envy or anything which hurts people.

Good luck with burning all your negative karma and get ready to enjoy your new happy, peaceful, healthy, wealthy life.


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To bring good luck – mantra to chant


“Om Sharavana Bhavaya Namaha”

Salutations to the son of Shiva, who brings auspiciousness and who is chief of the celestial army
Deity: Subramanyeswara Swamy (Elder son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi)

Set your intention
Chant the mantra 108 times for 40 days

For best and quick results:
Chant 108 times twice a day
Also, chant in Brahma muhurtham after taking bath, lighting a lamp in front of the God
Chant anywhere, everywhere, wherever you are comfortable with clean heart, complete faith and devotion.

Chanting the above mantra
brings good luck
brings prosperity and abundance
stimulates positive energy and diffuses negativity
to brighten and optimize life
to bring the best in any difficult situation in life

Related Miracles:
A couple was having difficulties conceiving due to unexplained fertility. After the wife started chanting this mantra, the doctors could diagnose the problem and after immediate minor treatment, she could conceive and deliver a healthy child.

A person who was jobless was disappointed and depressed for months. Chanting this mantra brought an influential person closer to him in an unexpected way and became a partner in a well established company, acquiring abundant wealth.


Burn calories with japa mala

Download a walking app in your mobile
Buy a japa mala

Set a goal on your walking app ( ex: 150 calories to burn)
Start walking with japa mala in your hands and start the mantra
Stop till you burn 150 calories

Note: I finished 4 rounds of mala (108 times) of a mantra by the time I burned 150 calories by walking

It is relatively inexpensive if you already have a japa mala
You do not have to register at any expensive gym
You can do whenever you have time and wherever you can, as you can also do in your kitchen
If someone disturbs you, you still can continue the mantra as you know where you stopped because of your japa mala
And the ultimate benefit: you are burning calories and at the same time you are establishing an ultimate contact with the God

Some may argue that chanting a mantra has to be done in a clean pure place and with ultimate concentration and devotion and that it should be taken seriously. I have seen many Lord Krishna devotees walk with japa mala chanting “Hare Rama Hare Rama Hare Krishna Hare Krishna” with bare feet walking in the airport. It all depends on whatever you are comfortable with. Mantra becoming a part of your life is what you really want, to achieve whatever you desire.

So, why wait when you can be spiritually and physically fit easily. Good luck!!!

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To remove obstacles in life


Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

(Om and Salutations to Ganapati / Ganesha)


Chanting 108 times for 40 days either morning or evening after taking a bath.
Can be chanted either loud or internally

Chant this mantra (best 108 times) before you start anything and Lord Ganesha will take care that you will never face any obstacles with what you desire. But chant with faith.


Removes internal and external obstacles in life and grants the opening of spiritual and physical gifts
bringing a new job
bringing prosperity and abundance
bless with kid who have been trying to conceive for a long time
to overcome all the obstacles for buying own home
who are on a spiritual path will never face obstacles to continue the path