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Can mantra be chanted during menstrual periods?

I read that chanting a mantra should be continued for 40 days. But can a women chant a mantra even during her menstrual
periods? Some say yes, some say no, so shall I continue or shall I stop and restart after the periods? What is the proper way?

Remember, mantras are given by great sages and some has been given by God Himself. Usually, mantra initiation is given to women only after menopause. Mantras are very sacred and has to be treated the same way. I do agree chanting a mantra requires faith, devotion and a clean pure heart. Also, having menstruation is definitely not impure and it is a very natural process. But, a lot of women suffer from pain, discomfort and lots of mood swings during that period. Sometimes in those 3-4 days, to perform even daily duties is quite difficult and if they are working women with kids, it is quite stressful. Hence, taking a break to chant a mantra during those days is definitely not a big issue. I have come across with people who took a break during those days and their desire is still fulfilled. So, do not stress yourself. God is loving, caring, affectionate. He does not punish. He is ready to give you what you want, when the right time comes when you ask Him in a proper way. You can comfortably sit and meditate on Him during that days. He knows all your problems. But do not be lazy later and restart chanting the mantra with discipline. Hence, do what is comfortable and what your intuition says. Once you connect with God, He Himself guides you and explains you the proper way.