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How to smell good all day

Some people smell good all day every day every minute even in hottest summers. They even leave a trail of fragrance. Few ideas are shared here to smell good all day.

  1. Bathing daily with either scented soap or lotion.
  2. Spraying body spray fragrance mist which suits your body or suits your job culture.
  3. Remove arm pit hair regularly. Scrub with lemon sprinkled with sugar in the armpits and apply Clay mask for example using Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay regularly (seriously). This will detoxify and remove any sweaty odors lingering in the arm pits.
  4. Researchers strongly disagree using anti-perspirants as they are linked to breast cancer. Instead use DIY Deodarant – chemical free, natural and lightens dark underarms which will slowly and eventually removes toxins from body and will not sweat with a bad smell.
  5. While doing laundry, wash your clothes in essential oils with either eucalyptus or flower based essential oils. This will leave your clothes smell very good.
  6. Using hair oil Anti Frizz / Smooth/ Shiny/ Healthy / Thick Fragrant Hair Serum which is fragrant.
  7. Some cultures use sambrani (benzoin resin) which smells good. They create smoke using charcoal and let the hair, skin and clothes stay in the smoke for a while. They do this ritual especially for new born babies as they believe that it will also remove negative energies.
  8. Using fragrant diluted essential oils in either body lotion or hand cream and applying regularly or as and when needed.
  9. Spraying perfume in the closet so that clothes can absorb the good smell and leave a beautiful smell trail.

Hope all these ideas are useful. If you have more tips, please feel free to leave in the comments below.