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Saving a loooot of money by making your own products

Do you want to save money? YES
Do you want to live healthy? YES

Have you read that harmful chemicals are present everywhere, in your toothpaste, face lotion/moisturizer, face lotion, lip gloss, lipstick, soaps, shampoos, conditioners etc.,?

Studies have shown  that regular use of all the harmful chemicals can lead to serious health issues. Cancer is the most prevailing deadly disease, be it breast cancer, ovarian cancer or blood cancer. You are also wasting your money on buying all the  harmful chemicals to get extremely sick and again paying money for the hospitals.

How to avoid chemicals? Here, I will provide all natural, chemical free, money saving DIY products, which saves you a toooon of money and be healthy.

Don’t think that you are wasting your time to make these products. They are relatively simple to make and you are saving your time by not going to the store, searching for the product, standing in line to buy that product and coming back.

All these DIY’s were tested by many persons including me and have worked wonders.

So, why waste anymore of your money on harmful chemical ingredients when you can prepare your own according to your preference and style. You find DIY recipes in my blog.

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Baking soda

Peppermint extract

Activated charcoal powder (optional)
Mix coconut oil with baking soda till it forms a smooth paste like tooth paste consistency. Add peppermint according to your taste.

Adding activated charcoal powder makes brushing teeth and sink a little messy. You can avoid making a mess after practice and charcoal whitens teeth and removes bad odor of mouth.


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Good and honest persons suffer more in life

Have you felt or heard before that “Good and honest people suffer more in life” ? If yes, do you think that it is true.

To suffer in life, to face challenges, to have misery in life, is very good. This means that you are burning or clearing away all negative energy or bad karma faster than other times in your life. You learn a lot in this process which makes you more wise. God has taken special time and effort to give you these challenges, to bring you out successfully, after you have removed the negative karma. Till then, be patient, work hard, find solutions to come out of the sufferings in a good way. Once you have gone through sufferings, its your duty now to build up positive karma by doing good deeds, which includes not hurting others, helping poor and needy, respecting parents or elders and so on.

You are the dearest child of God. He is looking at you. If you think that you are suffering and unable to bear the pain, let Him know. He will give His hand to come out of any problem in your life. He is with you by your side, always. He is seeing you crawling but waiting for you patiently to make the first steps in life,  just like a mother who is waiting eagerly for her child to take that first steps, even after repeated fallings and failures.

So, why fee sad? Put up a big smile and face that challenge, saying loudly, I AM BURNING AWAY ALL MY NEGATIVE KARMA. I CAN DO IT. I HAVE GOD BY MY SIDE. NOTHING CAN STOP ME. GET…SET…GOOOOOOOOO (Don’t look back)….

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Why I do not agree with the “process” of decluttering.

Decluttering has become a major revolution these days. Many blogs and videos have emerged about decluttering, how to do it and advantages of decluttering. Decluttering includes throwing away or donating the items that are not useful to that person anymore.  And, here comes my difficult in understanding decluttering or why I do not agree the way people are decluttering.

I strongly support the items that do not fit or that are expired or that is not working anymore to be removed from home. But there are several useful items that need not be thrown away but can be used slowly. For example, you may have 3-4 brand new tooth brushes stored. As a process of decluttering, I do not see any need of throwing them away. You have spent your money to buy them, maybe out of impulse or poor organizing skills before, but right now you can save them and replace whenever needed. This way you don’t have to spend money later or already spent money on buying the brushes will not be wasted.

There has been a growing number of people in the process of extreme decluttering whatever may be the reason. The only thing is I say that there are no hard and fast rules in the process of decluttering. Do what you think is wise. Just because some people got rid most of the stuff does not mean that you too have to do that. Throw away that does not fit or expired or broken or is not useful anymore. Save the useful stuff, if there are any multiples, if you know that you will be using them in the near future. Your house may not be clutter free quickly but you will not be throwing away the money in the garbage. Do not even shop before you finish off all those products.

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The more you have gratitude, the more quickly your wishes manifest

Have you ever sat down to count all the blessings you have in your life? Have you ever written down and realized how lucky you are? Have you been only blaming the bad things happening or happened in your life but never thought of all the good things? Now here is what I suggest


I would write this today in my journal

I am happy that I have a roof over my head.
I am happy that I am healthy.
I am happy that I am able to eat healthy.
I am happy that I can sit in my patio to breathe fresh air and listen to the birds chirping and write this.
(My neighbor suddenly thought of smoking cigarette as I write down this. I am now debating whether to continue here or go inside and continue.)
I am happy that I have a very loving, caring, supportive partner.

I can go on and on to write down what I am grateful and thankful for.

Benefits of writing a gratitude journal.

You will instantly feel happy and realize that you are indeed a very lucky person.
You will feel more humble to be surrounded with your gifts from Universe and stop complaining.
And the best, the more you send your gratitude to the Universe, the more quickly your rest of wishes manifest.
Do you not believe the above sentence? Start writing down and let me know all the good things suddenly happening to you.

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Inviting positive energy or positive vibrations into life and home

Do you feel that you are stressed, have no peace in life or no happiness? Are you surrounded by negative thoughts, negative incidents?Do you feel that you are inviting only negativity in your home or life? In order to protect oneself from these negative vibrations, and to invite positive vibrations into life or home, there are some simple rituals that one can do easily and effortlessly. Positive vibrations bring happiness, joy, health, wealth which includes prosperity and abundance. Why wait anymore? Let us know all the rituals which one can do and lets bring positivity from all directions of life.

For Home

1. Declutter
2. Organize
3. Vacuum, clear dust from all the furniture
4. Throw away garbage
5. Grow indoor plants (the many, the better) and if possible, plant some outdoor too. Do not forget to water them.
6. Play some good music (vedic chants, nadaswaram or simple nature sounds or whatever soothes your ears and mind)
7. Burn a fragrance candle or light diya/deepam in front of god
8. Let fresh air circulate at home
9. Place crystals (clear quartz, citrine, amethyst, whatever resonates you) in your home or carry with you
10. Place a (small) water fountain at home
11. Place a Himalayan Salt Lamp

For Self

1. Pray
2. Chant a mantra regularly
3. Let someone gift you lucky Buddha
4. Feed birds/animals/ants/insects
5. Watch feel good movies or comedy movies or shows and laugh till you cry
6. Exercise / jog / do yoga
7. Eat healthy and drink lots of water
8. Read at least one positive affirmation everyday
9. Be in nature as much as you can
10. Invite or allow only positive thoughts
11. Donate as much as you can

Are these rituals difficult to follow? No, most of the things can be done very easily. Believe them and follow the above rituals regularly, you will notice big positive changes in your life instantly and you will be flooded with positive energy in all areas of your life.

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Burning negative / bad karma

Karma is, as everyone knows, is the sum of actions in this or previous birth. Karma determines the fate or destiny of a person. Negative karma brings bad fate whereas positive karma brings good luck / good fate. When a person is facing extreme adversities in life or think is suffering from bad luck or any other difficulties in life like being unemployed, unhealthy, difficult to conceive, burn your bad karma first. Good news is that the more you suffer from difficulties, the faster your bad karma is burning. But, how to burn bad karma even faster to have a peaceful life?

1. Feed birds, ants, dogs every single day.
2. Donate food which is cooked by your own hands to the poor and needy, at least once in a month.
3. Pray and meditate at least an hour every day.
4. Donate money every month to the needy.
6. Before eating, pray to God and thank Him for the food you can eat to keep you healthy, be fit and active and ask Him to bless every living being on the earth with food.
7. Try to bring a smile on a person every day.
8. Invite friends and family for a get together and serve food every month. An unexpected guest during lunch or dinner time is God sent to burn your karma. Hence, feed them wholeheartedly.
9. Chanting “Thiru Neela Kantam” 108 times for 40 days helps burning the karma.
10. Forgive yourself, forgive everyone. The longer you keep that anger in yourself, the harder the karma to burn.
11. India has holy Ganges and several other holy waters available. Dipping in them especially on auspicious days is believed to burn all the karma.
12. Offer a seat to an old lady.
13. Help an old lady to cross the road.
14. Go on a pilgrimage if you have time and energy. Remember, if you take one step towards God, He will make 100 steps to approach you. And if you go on a pilgrimage with Him in your thoughts, God will love to be with you always, helping and guiding and showering you with either worldly or spiritual gifts or whatever you need.
15. If possible, write a holy book or start with a small scripture. Also, write 108 times the Lords name.
16. If you have any art or interest, draw a picture of the God or paint or make even a statue of Him.
17. You can even sponsor a publication of an holy book.
18. Chant “Om Mani Padme Hum”, a Buddhist mantra, a very powerful mantra which I will dedicate another post explaining the significance of the mantra.
19. Spend time and care orphans and elderly people.
20. Pray everyday for a stranger whom you never met and ask the Lord to bless him / her with all the happiness of the life.

As you can notice every positive act you perform intentionally or unintentionally in your life burns bad karma faster. If you are suffering, be happy and smile that your karma is burning, and soon you will be out of this. But do remember, do not bring new bad karma by displaying anger, hatred, jealousy, envy or anything which hurts people.

Good luck with burning all your negative karma and get ready to enjoy your new happy, peaceful, healthy, wealthy life.